Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sundown Marathon 2016

Race Report

I had no intention to sign up for Sundown Marathon this year. I was satisfied that I had my full marathon ("FM") experience last year. Moreover, since Standard Chartered Marathon last year, I have not ran more than 10km in a single run. However, I was secretly hoping that there would be a free slot for me...

3 days before the race, a friend asked if I knew of anyone who would be interested to take over her slot to run a half marathon ("HM"). I gladly volunteered myself.

The week leading to the run, I had office run (5km only), CrossFit, swimming training and office outing at the ClimbMax. My body was aching from one of the killer obstacle where we had to move from swing to swing... Anyway, I totally rested for 2 days so that my muscles could recover.

My goal for Sundown HM was to complete without injury and to enjoy the run. Drink at every hydration station, eat a salt tablet every 7km and eat a gel at 10km. It was all good for the first 7km. Then I started to feel a little empty on the stomach and I did something dumb! I ate half a banana... I have NEVER eaten a banana in any of my races before and I always knew that we should not try anything new on race day. I think the tummy reacted to the banana; I suffered a stomach upset :(

Well, my toes started to cramp at 10-12km but I managed to run it off... At 15-16km, After taking a gel, I could feel some energy coming back and I cleared the Marina Golf loop pretty well... But my calves started to cramp again at Garden Bay East :( At 17km, we had to run up the ramp at Marina Barrage, many, including myself were walking up. As the legs felt better after that, I managed to jog slowly down the slope. But legs cramped badly at the last 2km and I had to alternate walk, limp and jog back to finishing line.

I could only say that I was relieved I did not take over a FM slot because I knew that I was not prepared for one. Every race is a lesson to be learnt and a total new experience. Never try new things on race day. 

Only ONE word to describe this run... PAINFUL :)

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